Sewer Gas Destructor Lamps

Here is an example of a sewer gas lamp situated at the corner of Mulehouse Road and Stannington View Road,  Crookes in Sheffield, South Yorkshire,  England.

This lamp was still lit and working in the mid to late 1980s.  I think it blew out in a gale in about 1990 and has not been lit since.  (The post box was erected about 2000).

There are a number of similar lamps in the  Crookes area and also in other parts of Sheffield.

The plate on the base of the lamp reads:  Webb Lamp Co. Ltd. Birmingham.  The Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group in Sheffield has had some sewer gas lamps restored recently.

They appear to be similar to the design in Blyth.


Other references:


Eldon Street,  Sheffield

Near Cramlington



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