What follows is a translation of a partial photocopy of a user guide originally written (in 1982?) in German for:



Neither the translators, GJ Coyne and G Mussler, nor SSB Electronics accept any liability for any errors or omissions in the document or any consequential loss.


You may make hypertext links to this document. You may also make copies of the document for your personal use provided they are not made for commercial gain.


Copyright remains with GJ Coyne and G Mussler for the text pages and the block diagram, and with SSB Electronics for the rest of the diagrams. Please acknowledge GJ Coyne, G Mussler and SSB Electronics appropriately where you link or copy the documents.


Our thanks go to SSB Electronics for their kind permission to translate the source document and publish the results together with their diagrams on the web.


We hope you find this English version of the manual useful. If you do spot any errors or omissions, please email: (ell tee twenty three ess ecks vee tee are at yahoo dot co dot uk)


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