Replacing a Victorian skylight with a Velux window


The old skylight was in poor condition,containing various odd bits of glass,no hinges on the opening light and rotten lower joints where the frame for the opening part met the base board.For the benefit of passers-by,I had attached a safety-line to the opening light to prevent it from hurtling down into the street below.The skylight had survived well in this state,long enough to see in itís centenary.


So the day came when I had been putting up a new TV aerial for Freeview and as I sat on the edge of the skylight to manoeuvre the crawling ladders back indoors and heard the unmistakable crack of shattering glass beneath my bum,I thought I would seize the opportunity of some holiday I was owed and replace the whole skylight with a nice,new Velux window.Installing a Velux window was not something I had tried before.


As luck would have it,we were in the midst of a spell of hot,dry July weather,so I left the skylight in itís new artistic state and toddled off down to B&Q where I found the recent discount offer on Velux windows had come to an end.There was just one window of approximately the right size on the shelf and I was impressed with the size and weight of the thing as I struggled to get it onto the trolley.The box was marked:GGL S06 114cm x 118cm,3059 THERMO-STAR.The dimensions (I wondered which was height & which was width) were tantalisingly close to the size of the existing opening: 116.5x117.5 cm.It might even drop straight in!


I thought a roller-blind for it might be a good idea,but I found the product codes and keys so baffling that I gave up on this.


At the counter the helpful lady asked me if I wanted the flashing kit.Flashing kit?You mean it isnít included in this enormous heavy box?I went back to the shelves and retrieved a flashing kit for slate. (Thereís more than one type).The box was marked:EDL S06 114cm x 118 cm 0000.The matching dimensions gave me confidence.I wondered what the GGL,EDL and S06 meant.With a dent in my credit card for £238.23and in the sweltering heat I then tried to load it into the back of a Peugeot Estate via the rear door.A passing chap gave me a hand and it went in with only minimal damage to the door rubbers.God bless Peugeot!With the rear seats folded forward,you can get all sorts into these cars.And God(gods?) bless helpful chaps. [Reminder note to St Peter re. this one].



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