I added the rest of the frame trimmings.  One piece puzzled me:  as far as I could tell from the “instructions”,  the mystery piece is intended to sit under the upper piece of flashing and is in the shape of a rather squashed ‘U’.  (It appeared on the EDL flashing-kit instructions,  highlighted in red,  with no identifying number,  but with a helpful red arrow pointing down to it).  Its purpose appears to be to gather some flashing edges together.  It puzzled me until I realised that the right-angle bends were the wrong way round.  Once I had reversed them by bending them back 180°,  the piece fitted in fine.


I had managed not to lose the facia trim I had removed earlier,  so I screwed it back onto the opening light and two of us lifted the opening light into position (it needed two of us!) a safety line attached all the while,  just in case it toppled out of the hole in the roof.  With the opening light lifted into the Velux frame and rested on its supporting bolt,  it was easy to get one centre catch into the frame or the other one!  Eventually with a fair amount of jiggling we got both in at the same time and then swivelled the window into position as shown.  It was in!


The Velux window is a well-designed piece of kit and on this occasion it was installed successfully by complete amateurs.  Some well-designed instructions (for fitting a window to an existing roof) to go with the window would be wonderful!  If you are fool enough to follow in our footsteps,  just remember that anything you do is entirely your own responsibility and the authors of this website accept no liability for whatever you may get up to.  Bear in mind that you may be able to sell your story for a future edition of Casualty.  Make sure to have your house insurance checked through by a good lawyer even before you think about spending any money.  Actually,  don’t do it.  Consider moving to a house which already has a Velux installed (not this one though).


Next week in Extreme DIY  we will be fitting a damp-proof Course to St Marks’s Square,  Venice and issuing a ‘guarantee’ (technical term with much related case law).


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