With the old window-frame out of the way, there was enough room to try hauling up the new window. This was repacked into the cardboard case for protection and a sling tied around it with a carabina at the top. For plan A, the halyard was arranged in an N, the left-hand end of the N secured to the lamp-post, the upper apex of the N run through a carabina tied to a rafter above the skylight hole, the lower apex run through the carabina on the lifting sling and the right hand end of the N run through a second carabina secured high inside the attic and the free end run down to my assistant standing in the skylight opening (so more like an M really). I sat at the bottom of the crawling ladder, also holding the end of the halyard in case the whole gutter gave way below me, giving me something to dangle from and survey the devastation, estimate costs etc. Warning: dont try any of this at home!



My assistant hauled. Surprisingly this worked! (Plan B was to tie the lamp-post end to the lifting sling and then let the halyard run through the carabina at the top of the skylight as well in an effort to improve the lifting purchase).

I helped the package over the gutter.


Then the two of us manoeuvred the package through the skylight opening, keeping it secure on the rope the whole time. Quite a crowd of neighbours had assembled to watch all this from across the street. Perhaps there wasnt much on television? Big Brother, eat your heart out. Perhaps we could start a new series: Extreme DIY? You heard it here first! (well ok, maybe you didnt).



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